Friday, 30 May 2008

Looking forward to the weekend

Have had another busy week (ok, so what's new?!)
Had to miss flyball and agility training this week as we headed down to Oxford on Weds evening to stay with Joy and Becca on the way to taking 'Sherman' (Bond-Lori pup) to Gatwick Airport for his new life in Bermuda on Thursday. Had a nightmare journey down on Weds evening but made it safely and gave the dogs a good run. The pups travelled really well so that was a good sign for the long flight ahead for the 'little' man.

Joy and I travelled down to Gatwick the next day to deliver the pup to the BA World Cargo depot and what a lovely bunch of people they were, 'Sherman' was totally unfazed and excitedly greeted everyone with a wag and a kiss which made it a little easier to say goodbye and leave him with them.

Here he is with his new family on his arrival at Hamilton Airport, now christened 'Scooter'...

Chilled out a bit Thursday afternoon with a bit of shopping and some lunch and a little bit of agility training with Fi and Wren before we drove home. Am v tired this morning after being quite late getting home and having Eabha (sleeping on her own for the first time now Scooter has gone) waking+ me up at 4.30am!! Hopefully she will sleep better tonight as we're away in the caravan for 2 days of flyball at Tabley Game Fair...don't know that I'll be very good company this evening (may end up snoring into my glass of wine!! lol). 6 teams racing again this weekend and Carine paying a flying visit from Belgium to the show tomorrow to meet the dogs and collect her pup from Quinn's litter...another hectic weekend!! Let's hope it's a good one ;)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Ryecroft Farm

Had a lovely long weekend away flyballing at Ryecroft Farm where we managed to win division one again on Saturday (woo hoo...2 weeks in a row now!); the dogs all ran well once Ethan got his flyball head back on (and not his...'I'm a fluffy show dog, everyone look at me' one! lol) and Drake remembered what he was supposed to be doing!

Olive and Jude (aka 'the houdinis' made it their mission to escape and wreak havoc all weekend - bad puppies! - here they were safely secured to their tie out stake!

and here's Squirrel telling Gemma just how much she loves her! lol

A New venture...

While I will keep the 'What's New?' page on the website I decided to start a blog, basically so that I can share a bit more of what we get up to with everyone. All the little stories and pics that don't get aired elsewhere and I enjoy reading on other people's blogs ;). Me and the dogs are kept pretty busy all year round but particularly throughout the summer with flyball comps and breed shows and now also agility training! I'm going to try and keep this updated regularly (probably Monday mornings when I get back to my desk at work!) but this is all very new to me so you'll have to bear with me!