Monday, 23 January 2012

Welcome to the world little parson piglets...

Squirrel whelped her 3rd (and likely final) litter of puppies overnight and it occured to me that whelping a parson is something of an experience, quite different to that of border collies or cockers...firstly the bitch often gets very agitated and restless just before the first pup arrives and is quite noisy about the whole thing then when the first pup comes she continues in this highly agitated state...often picking the pup up and holding it in her mouth while going round and round in circles and rolling around, doing headstands etc! It’s quite alarming when you first see it and you’re sure she’s going to hurt the puppy but she doesn’t; I do find that I have to get quite firm to calm the bitch down and make her ‘get a grip’ (a metaphorical slap across the face for hysteria! lol) so she is firmly told to put the puppy down and lie down (I do feel bad about being so mean at a time they are obviously in pain and discomfort but it really is for her own good!); by the time the second pup arrives she starts to settle and then just quietly gets on with popping them out, this time we had all 6 delivered in around 3 hours :o) They are also very quiet puppies, I have all my pups born and reared in my bedroom for at least the first two weeks of their life and they very often keep me awake at night, just squeaking and gurgling as babies do but parson babies are lovely and quiet and remain so right throughout the raising in the house...they never get gobby and demanding when it’s dinner time or they want out to play...just sit nice a quietly watching and waiting...they seem so easy compared to the collies and cockers!

so here they are, first sight of the new babies...lovely big healthy puppies :o)

There are 2 boys and 4 girls this time, very much looking forward to seeing how they grow up and comparing them to the last litter.